What a better way to paint the town red, than a Classy Date Night in Scottsdale!

The Beverly on Main in Old-Town Scottsdale is undoubtedly Classy AF! lol

As a busy mother with a new born on my hands. I don’t get much time for myself. Not even in the restroom!! My kids follow me but never follow Michael. You ladies have that problem?

Michael and I started Date Night when Mariah came in the picture. Date Night is always my favorite night of the week! I love Date Night! Busy parents never get time for themselves. I believe Love is an Art! You have to put time and effort into your partner, an active relationship is a healthy relationship! I always have something planned for my Ol’Man.

Old-Town Scottsdale is certainly Fancy and Chic when it comes to entertainment. We attend Michael’s Company Soiree on Saturday Night and I really had the romantic date night experience. The Navajo Girl out on the town is what I kept thinking, starting off with such love, joy and romance is definitely a true blessing! THANKS LOVE!

Can you say Open Bar Dude!! Yes, I said it! Open Bar!! His mama most certainty needed a Margarita. Okay two Margaritas! We really enjoyed Beverly’s signature Truffle fries, French Dip Sliders, Pepperoni Flatbread and tasty ass cocktails. Here is the Restaurants Menu. Take a peek.Besides the open bar, I really loved the vintage atmosphere, very deem candle-lit and romantic setting. The DJ was also very friendly and played some great tunes! Everyone was getting down’! We recommend Beverly on Main to any one looking for a classy yet budget friendly experience. A MUST for Date Night!

Vintage Date Night

You can Never go wrong with the best lighting! Keeping it Classy- XOXO

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