Delicious & Quick Hot Cereal

Malt O Meal is one of my favorite childhood memories #Foodies! I would remember my mom cooking in the early hours just before the Morning Glory came up. The smell of Moms cooking is ultimately a true blessing! Cider wood be crackling, while a huge pot of hot water sat on the fire-stove! Whistling!! Ugh! Memories… What favorite breakfast dish brings you sweet memories?

Malt O Meal has a great source of Folic Acid, Calcium & Iron so it’s great for Expecting Momms, A person with low Iron, Anemic or if your just a busy Parent juggling morning duties while trying to get your kids out the door and off to school! It’s quick… to make and tasty once you add a few extra Ingredients.

I like to add

  • Sugar
  • Almonds
  • Walnuts
  • Blackberries
  • Sometimes a few banana’s to give it some extra texture.
  • I also enjoy dipping my butter toasted bread  into my Hot cereal! 

It’s ! For Sure ! If you haven’t tried Malt O Meal Breakfast Cereal, go out and get a box!

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