14th Anniversary Celebration with The Saddle Ranch Chop House

Hello My Loves!

First off, This post is EXTRA SPECIAL TO ME!

Michael and I have been together for 14 years. I meant him when I was 18 years old. He is the eye witness TO MY LIFE! I have never loved another person like I do him. I Love him with my entire being. The Father of my Children, My heart, My love, My Best friend, My EVERYTHING!

SparkleMomm 14th Anniversary Celebration

One day we will Officially Tie The Knot! As they say, you know how Natives feel about signing papers…lol….

14 Years together, you live and learn A LOT from one Another.

Regardless of all hardship, Our LOVE REMAINS STRONG!

Thank you so much Saddle Ranch Chop House for hosting our Anniversary Dinner! Our dinner was full of Rock N Roll, Steaks and Bull Riding…It was so much fun you guys. Once again, Thanks WestGate for all that you do for our family.

Where ” Rocks Meets Western “

Rock N’Roll, Steaks, & Bull-Riding

Capturing the Moment with Jayden Miller!

SparkleMomm 14th Anniversary Celebration

A HUGE Thank You to Jayden Miller Photography for being apart of our Celebration! Thank You for capturing our Special Moment and making us feel pretty awesome. It means so much to us, it was all about the beautiful natural lighting and just have a Good ol’time! Jayden your the BEST SWEETIE!

The perfect family style restaurant, The Saddle Ranch Chop House is unique for it’s Smart Drinks, Ranch Specialisties, All day brunch specials, and home of the Cotton Candy Carnival. A little something to satisfy every bodies craving.

With an Entertaining Atmosphere and Bull riding, you can’t go wrong!

An 8 Second Ride!

Life has been an amazing ride so far. I rode in free spirit. Living and Loving in the Present. Mama had a few Gold Rush Margarita’s and had some fun!

You can say that again, ” There Never was a Horse that couldn’t be RODE ”

My Baby and I

Our dinner started off with DRINKS!

Gold Rush, Saddle Ranch’s own Margarita to be exact with pure ‘gold tequila’. Loved It!

Happy to Celebrate

Cheese Quesadilla was our choose of appetizer. The mix of cheese and green chili is super delish. Garish your quesadilla with Pico De Gallo or some Fresh Cilantro and Sour Cream. Yum!


Super Moist and so darn Deeeelicious!!

Fresh Jalapeno Cornbread Muffins & Buttermelt Biscuits

SO Good, I took some home..ha

For Dinner Michael had the New York Strip, seasoned and charbroiled to perfection while I enjoyed the Rib Eye Steak with garlic herb truffle butter, glazed grilled onions and if you look close enough my steak was also wrapped in bacon! BOOM!!

We also enjoy our dinner with roasted garlic mash potatoes and seasoned veggies.

Secret House Shots! Cheers!!!!!

For desert we took the party outdoors next to the fire-pit. The outdoors in West Gate is gorgeous. Water shows and lighting is pretty romantic if you ask me.

Michael’s Favorite
Not your Ordinary Cotton Candy!

The Cotton Candy Tower, only at the Saddle Ranch Chop House is a signature taste of fluffy cotton candy and a delightful treat that will melt in your mouth.


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