Phoenix Fashion Week 2019



Accessory brand Dotl’izhi

Alicia Velasquez!

Dotł’izhi is a luxury accessory brand that evokes Strength, Beauty and Sophistication to the wearer. Every piece is handmade + unique from concept to production. The brand creates diverse cultural designs that are bold with edge for the urban woman.


Phoenix fashion Week is dedicated to pushing Arizona fashion forward with 3 pillars; Fashion, Education, and Community. State-wide educational fashion seminars and workshops led by top industry experts are now on a year-round schedule.

Let’s Fashion Forward

It was an Honor to attended Phoenix Fashion Week 2019 in Partnership with Designer of the Year, ACONAV and Emerging Accessory Designer, DOTL’IZHI!

Fashion Excellence

The name ACONAV represents the cohesion of cultures between its founders Loren (Acoma Pueblo) and Valentina (Navajo) Aragon. ACONAV is a couture fashion brand that celebrates the strength and empowerment of women worldwide. The brand strives to evoke the empowerment of women with positive ideas that are embodied in designs that tie culture to modern style. ACONAV is a respectful representation of the Acoma Pueblo whose traditions and world renown pottery art culture are reflected in unique luxury designs.

Loren Aragon

Having to experience Phoenix Fashion Week was a DREAM COME TRUE! Feeling the love and support from other Leading Indigenous Designer and Fashionistas was an OVERWHELMING FEELING! A HUGE THANK YOU to Valentina and Loren for THE VIP STATUS, The atmosphere was truly In-spiritual!

What’s Phoenix Fashion Week without the Most INSPIRATIONAL Fashion Blogger! The Indigenous Fashionista, Alana Yazzie AKA The Fancy Navajo is always so much fun! Super Sweet and Very Talented…I admire her passion for Fashion and Content Creation while supporting other Indigenous Designers and Bloggers like myself.

Radio Talk Show Host Native Health Radio, Lisa Wathogoma

As a Business Women the feeling is AMAZING to be Recognized by TOP FASHION!

Phoenix Fashion Show Board Advisory, Hermann Plank and I on the Green Carpet! It was nice to finally have met in person. He knows our Parenting Page well and I’m pretty excited to have the opportunity to Run into Like-Minded Peeps! Thank you again, Hermann for all your Support and Showing our page Much + LOVE!




Pe’eh’cha – Let It Rain

Accessories by dotlizhi

Cultural Designs Embodied In Timeless Elegance | Evoke Empowerment |

2018 Phoenix Fashion Week Couture Designer of the Year

ACONAV is thrilled to announce a runway collaboration with accessory brand Dotl’izhi, headed by the creativity of Alicia Velasquez!

Alicia’s creations push the boundaries of expression while reflecting culture and values. We look forward to the combinations of strength and beauty, which will add a new level of sophistication to this year’s presentation.

Join us in a celebration of strength and empowerment of womyn on the runway this Saturday, October 5th at Phoenix Fashion Week at the Talking Stick Resort!





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